Introducing Easy Savings

Sign up for Easy Savings from First Federal and transfer up to $5.00 into your savings account each time you swipe your debit card.

An easy way to start rewarding yourself! Put money aside for large purchases, vacations, or emergencies. Most checking and savings accounts are eligible. Even Student Savers!*

You decide your transfer amount. Automatically transfer whole dollar amounts up to $5.00 from your checking account to your savings account each time you use your First Federal Visa® Debit card.*

Don’t worry about overdrafts. Easy Savings will know when you have less than $100 in your checking account and will suspend transfers until your balance is over $100.*

Sign up online now! 


*ATM transactions are excluded. Customer chooses their checking account, savings account, and amount transferred. Amount transferred must be $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, or $5.00 only. Only one checking account and savings account can be linked and they must have the same owner. Cash Management and Business Accounts are excluded. Eligible savings accounts include Regular Savings and Student Savers. Quarterly savings account service charge is waived when enrolled in the Easy Savings program. Transactions are counted nightly and transfers are credited nightly. All fees and account limitations still apply to both checking and savings accounts that are linked.